ieatbacon (ieatbacon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uhh, is my cervix supposed to feel this way?

So, um, apologies for what's probably a really obvious question, but:

I was feeling my cervix today, and at this point in my cycle it's high and as open as it gets - not very, but enough that I can actually feel an opening; I usually can't. I know that it's meant to feel smooth and kind of rubbery, and that is what I felt on the outside of it! But, I was feeling near the opening (I have an IUD, was checking the strings and all that good stuff) and it seems like there's a different kind of texture there. Almost... grainy-like? That's not quite the word I want; it feels less smooth than the rest. I've felt this texture once before, but again only when my cervix was high and open.

Am I feeling the inside of it or something? Is this normal? Do I have some kind of a mutant cervix? (I'd be cool with that, if only it had superpowers... :P)

Insight would be appreciated. :)
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