Kristen (pixiebelle) wrote in vaginapagina,

Excessive bleeding between periods on the pill?

A wee or so ago, I mentioned in here about bleeding while on the pill. Nothing excessive, like a regular period.

It's continued well past a week, but it's happened to me before when I skipped periods like I have been.

This gets rather gross, I apologize.

But today, I noticed something strange on my chair at work. A wet spot. I went to the bathroom and even with a tampon in for just a few hours, my panties were soaked totally through. Not just a little blood, but soaked. As is my pants and apparently my chair. My tampon was covered. It wasn't in that long. There are thicker bits of blood too.

So umm is this as bad as it looks? I don't gave insurance until next week since starting a new job. I can't afford a doctor and Planned Parenthood has a two to three waitlist for an appointment.

So has this happened to anyone else? What could be happening?
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