vaginahelppp (vaginahelppp) wrote in vaginapagina,

the (ins) and outs of it!

I need some help here. I am 19 and have never really been inside of my vagina. I know! I was raised by my two dads, and while they are wonderful, I always felt weird going to them about this stuff. I never had a woman help me with the basics. I have always worn pads and my boyfriend is (18) also a virgin. We want to do this together but I want to be comfortable with myself first. The good news is that I've been masturbating (clitoral stimulation) since I was around 5 and have that down to an art. :) 

So... I have tried visiting the clitoris .com and so forth but the sites just make me more confused. For example, below my clit- the fleshy part. Is this my vagina? WHAT IS IT? Is the vaginal opening BELOW that? I have touched that part and when I do, it seems like a soft wall that I cannot push through and I feel like I'm touching the wrong thing. Basically, I want to try fingering myself during masturbation but I want to make sure I know where the opening is and what's going on in the middle there. Graphic descriptions, pictures, etc are welcomed. Thank you. 
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