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Feeling "off"... and probably more nervous about it than the situation warrants.

My last period came right on time. It was normal in every way. The cramps were bad. The bleeding was heavy. The length was regular (five days). I'm now on Day 12 or so of my cycle and usually at this point, my discharge would be increasing, clear, copious, you know, the whole pre-ovulation special... but nothing yet. I still feel pretty dry.

I've been having fairly serious headaches almost daily since my period ended, and some minor drainage down my throat, as though I were on the verge of developing a cold, and feeling a little nauseous, hopefully just as a result of the drainage... It's just strange that my cycle doesn't seem to be moving. I've been intimate since my last period, but haven't had intercourse or anything near it (no genital-genital contact). It seems almost impossible that I'm pregnant, given the normal period (and no reason last month to suspect pregnancy before the period showed up on time), but that's of course what I'm worried about...

It's the headaches and the no-show (yet) clear ropey discharge I'm used to seeing around this time in my cycle that have me worried.

I'm STD-free.

I'm not on any form of HBC, but when my partner and I do have sex, we always use condoms carefully. We also have avoided days 9-19 of my cycle when I'm potentially fertile as an extra safety measure for the past two or three months.

I am quite thin. I eat plenty (seriously, I have a good appetite and I hate being hungry) and I'm physically fit, but I've got skinny genes. I just calculated my BMI and it's about 16.5. I wonder if a fluctuation of a few pounds would throw my cycle off. I started a new job three weeks ago and I've been running around a lot at work and walking to work and home, on top of the physical activity I engaged in during my last (more sedentary) job. I haven't noticed weight loss at all, but it's possible. A pound or two may count quite a bit when you're 5'6" and just over 100 to begin with. My weight dropped five pounds inexplicably (not accompanied by any uptick in exercise or decrease in appetite) three or four months ago and I haven't regained that, but my last cycles haven't been affected.

Headaches are relatively common for me, but they seem a little more frequent and a little less responsive to sleep and Excedrin. This could be related to the new job. I am going to work earlier and getting less sleep.
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