i don't even know what that word means. (xolmw) wrote in vaginapagina,
i don't even know what that word means.

No period ahhh

I'm really, really sorry for another post so soon but it's completely unrelated to my other one. You might remember a few weeks ago I posted about starting HBC but there was a small chance that I might be pregnant. I'm currently on my placebo week (took my last active pill on Tuesday night) and I still haven't got my period. My period was due on the 11th and I've took two tests, one on the 9th in the middle of the day, and one on the 11th first thing in the morning. Both tests said negative. I know that you don't get your period immediately after you take the last active pill but I'm starting to get worried. Should I take another test? Or is it just my body adjusting and I should chill and wait it out?
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