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HBC mistake!

I've been on Ocella for 2 years and take it daily at 3:40 PM, this is the first time I've really messed it up.

I'm a TA and have been grading midterms for two days on very little sleep so my thought process is really slow. Yesterday I ended up taking my pill a couple hours late because I was on the phone when my phone alarm normally goes off so it never went off.

Today I took my pill at 3:40 like I do everyday. Just now at 10:15 I finished another round of grading, stumbled into my room and saw my pill pack and thought "ugh my alarm never went off' and took a pill... immediately after swallowing I realized it was YESTERDAY my alarm didn't go off and I have in fact taken a pill today already. So now I have take two pills 7 hours apart.

What should I do tomorrow? Take Sunday's pill? Or should I skip my normal pill time tomorrow afternoon since I took it tonight?

I would really appreciate any advice. I always use condoms for sex so I'm only mildly concerned about being fully protected against pregnancy, more concerned about spotting/messing up my whole cycle.
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