xalifesochanged (xalifesochanged) wrote in vaginapagina,

Itty Bitty Bumps inside Vagina.... Genital warts?

 Hey all. 
Well, today, I was masturbating and noticed this itty bitty (like grains of sand size) bumps INSIDE my vagina, like near the opening. With all my previous sexual partners, I've showed no STD/STI symptoms that I know of. However, this guy and I did have PIV sex almost a week ago and he did ejaculate inside me. I'm unaware of his sexual history and it was a one night stand, so communicating with him about this isn't very easy. 

I am planning to schedule an appointment soon. However, is this even vaguely normal? Maybe it's a yeast infection? I've always thought of genital warts as large and external. Externally, I'm completely fine. I don't recall ever finding these little bumps before. Does this sound like genital warts? Because if it is, I just might be completely crushed. I'm only 18 and by no means ready to live the rest of my life with that. :/
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