Mandy (manda_moon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nipple leakage

So I was just in the shower, doing my weekly breast exam (not joking. Sometimes I do it daily), and I squeezed my right boob to check for leakage. I do this, since I know that bloody discharge can be a sign of breast cancer. Well, my right nipple discharged a clear bead of liquid. Then I checked the left boob, and a couple clear beads and a white bead of fluid came out.

I'm, I've never been pregnant, and I haven't had a pregnancy test yet, since I haven't had any reason to believe I am pregnant. I have an IUD, and everything has been just dandy. I am calling the dr tomorrow morning just to make sure.

I'm really scared, since this has never happened. I just checked a couple days ago, and nothing then. According to "Doctor Internet", I'm either very pregnant, may have breast cancer, or it's a hormonal thing.

Does anybody have any information to comfort me or give me a heads up about before I see my doctor? I probably won't get an appointment until next week.

Oh! I just had a gyno exam in September. In case anybody wants to know.
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