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HPV question regarding time-span...

Hello again, VP,

I have a question about CIN classification and time-span. I can't find any information on it, and I'm just curious... Is there a typical/average/general time-span for cervical dysplasia that is progressing from CINI to CINII to CINIII?
I'm asking about the types of dysplasia that are not just staying mild. Or does it just sorta jump straight to whichever stage?
Does this question make any sense?

Also, I'm just kinda feeling lost on this issue. In July, I had an abnormal LSIL pap. They "lost" results until they found them again in September. I had a colposcopy.
And I recently went in to see my doctor to talk about the results and discuss my different options.
I'm 21 years old, no babies, and just as all this started I've been in a monogamous committed relationship and haven't been using condoms with him (it was hard to explain to him after when I got that call from my gyn.. literally the morning after we decided to be exclusive).

The colposcopy took 2 biopsies. One of them was CINI, my doctor and I have decided to obviously wait and see if it gets better. The other biopsy showed CINII/III, I guess edging more toward 3 (it's frustrating that the lab gives results like that!). The doctor said that she didn't feel cryotherapy would be appropriate for that stage, but she felt concerned scheduling a LEEP for me since I am so young.. I decided I'd rather deal with this sooner rather than later, so we're scheduling a LEEP sometime in the future (she does it through an OR, she doesn't like doing it in-office, wide awake).
I'm trying to read up on it more, but I'm confused if it'd go away in time or stay the same, and eventually just get worse. I'm also confused because I thought the HPV tests were negative, when they tested the biopsies, so it's making me wonder what's goin' on and causing this. And what are the strands that cause cancer that aren't tested... and...
AGH. I wish I could think straight when I was talking to my dr about all of this, so I could have asked even more questions. But I was sorta overwhelmed.. Any advice, or answers greatly appreciated.
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