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New here--Nabothian cyst and spotting.

Hi everybody, I've been reading here for a long time but am just now posting.  I apologize in advance that this is long, but I need to vent and am hoping you wonderful women might have some information for me.

I had my annual exam in January, during which my usual nurse practitioner (at primary care doctor's office) said I have a Nabothian Cyst.  I looked them up, seemed harmless enough.  Starting about 6 weeks ago or so, my husband and I were particularly enthusiastic during sex one evening and I experienced some spotting afterward.  Just a little pink while wiping, and it was gone within 15 minutes.  No other issues.  I chalked it up to being a little too rough, but while masturbating 2 days later I had some brownish discharge again.  Over the past weeks it has continued to happen, and it only DIDN'T happen once during that time when we were very careful.  The spotting has always been very little, goes away fast, and the last time it happened it was so minor I had to have my husband look-neither of us could decide if the yellowish discharge was tinged with pink or not.

Two weeks ago I went to see my NP to have things checked out and to maybe get my Pap early.  She looked briefly, said the cervix looked healthy, and noted that the Nabothian cyst was still there.  She declined to do the Pap, and said it was probably cervicitis.  I asked if that could cause spotting-she said maybe.  I asked if it was logical if the rougher sex could have caused some irritation, and she said maybe.  She prescribed doxycycline for a week, and scheduled a follow-up for a month later.

After looking up some info, what she said seemed to not add up (cervicitis even though everything looks healthy?).  I called the local Planned Parenthood and went a week after seeing my NP.  The nurse there said I looked "yeasty", and that the Nabothian Cyst is "huge and very vascular."  She seemed to be concerned about STI, which could cause those symptoms, despite being negative for everything and in a monogamous marriage for 7 years.  She diagnosed a bad yeast infection, recommended Monistat 7, and said to come back if I had the symptoms in a month.  She also did a Pap and swabbed around the cyst thoroughly, and that came back normal.  It's 2 weeks later, and we've only had sex once since then, which I described above (maybe some pink, but we couldn't tell).

I guess I'm just panicking and frustrated that no one has been able to give be clear answers.  I turned to Dr. Google, which has me thinking this is something major.  It seems that these cysts can be large and vascular, and even bleed if messed with, but I didn't even bleed during the Pap!  Would sex cause the spotting if we hurt the cyst being too rough?  And how long would it take to eventually heal?!  I just feel like I've been brushed off due to being relatively young and monogamous, and I'm afraid the nurses both missed something serious due to having a preconceived notion of what was going on.  I did finally make an appointment with a GYN for next week, but it'll be a long week until that appointment.  I'm just so worried, and this is really impacting my relationship with my husband.    I mean, who wants to have sex with maybe having spotting to look forward to afterward?  Just wondering if anyone has any similar experiences at all.  I have a long history of health anxiety, and my tendency to question health professionals is obviously an issue here, too.  Thanks in advance, everybody.
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