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Gang of Centaurs

PSA: "But it's my opinion!"

Hey there, VPers.

We wanted to take a moment to clarify why "But it's my opinion!" doesn't hold up as a defense of an inappropriate comment here in VP, since it seems there has been some confusion on this front.

Obviously, we all have opinions. However, unlike most of the rest of the Internet, VP is not a place where one can indiscriminately share those opinions regardless of how doing so may impact others.

Just for the sake of an example, let's say that you are of the opinion that Diva Cups are a comfortable and awesome option for menstruating people and you want to share the love.

Acceptable Comment: The Diva Cup has totally made my periods more bearable, and it's better for my body and the environment. Have you considered it as an alternative to tampons?

Unacceptable Comment: I don't understand why people use tampons. They're so bad for your body and the planet, not to mention uncomfortable. The Diva Cup is way better, IMO, and anyone who doesn't see that is probably living under a rock.

Both are opinions, but the unacceptable comment places unnecessary judgment on those who do not use Diva Cups while the acceptable comment offers personal experience and a suggestion framed in an empowering, non-judgmental way.

The bottom line: Having an opinion does not entitle you to negatively judge others' choices in VP. Communicating something judgmental is not somehow made acceptable by saying things like, "it's just my opinion." There is a way to state most opinions in VP if you are willing to take the time to frame them thoughtfully within the community's guidelines.

We understand that the above may make VP a place that some people aren't going to like. However, we feel that the vast majority of people understand and appreciate VP's policies and are fine operating within them. Those policies (and the awesome and amazing members who uphold them every day, on every post) are what makes VP the wonderful place it is.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions/comments/concerns. We love hearing from you!

For the VP Team
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