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As a terrified 19 year old, I couldn't be prouder of myself for following through with this procedure.
I asked for an alternative to the GoLyltely (due to emetophobia) and got the Miralax/Dulcolax combo.
Honestly, it was a breeze. Your butt hurts after a while, but boy, I felt fine.
Today I was terrified to go in, mostly because I have teeeensie tiny little veins and IVs are hard to put in. It took quite a few stabs, but the nurses got it in. The hilarious comments from the other people in the recovery room were hilarious as they were coming off of the meds, so that relaxed me too.
Soo, I knew I had hemorrhoids and they confirmed my beliefs. Internal ones.
They also did an Upper GI, which I almost said no to, but he said he wanted to rule out diseases.
If I hadn't done that, he wouldn't have seen what he did.
I have a very bumpy intestine, suggesting I have Celiac's Disease.
Now, this is kind of a world-ender for me, a bread eating, oatmeal loving, cake lady, but I want to feel better, and this would definitely explain my issues.

So, thank you to everyone who has helped me with advice and here I go posing questions again...
Does anyone have internal hemorrhoids? What do you do? 
Does anyone have Celiac's? What should I know?

And also, the Dr said it gets tough to treat hemorrhoids if the results come back positive from the biopsy for Celiac's since I won't be able to eat wheat/gluten/oats. Anyone deal with both?

Thanks so much :)
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