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period changes

i know that for me stress does have an effect on my cycle, but usually it makes it longer, but still only bleeding for 5ish days (excluding the last two days of spotting), instead of roughly every  4weeks /30 days it's sometimes up to two weeks late. i was wondering what could possibly make my cycle shorten.

here's some more info;
i had normal length cycles (for me) previously to september, period started on the 3rd, which i fully expected it to do, on the 7th of september i came to Germany to be an au pair. i then got my period 24 days later on the 26th september. now 23 days later i got my period yesterday, i should also mention, i'm not on any form of birthcontrol, i do have a boyfriend of nearly 3 weeks, but we haven't done anything sexual, yet, i'm a virgin.
i also can't work out if it's any lighter because it's a whole week early, i actually think maybe not, it's about the same, i'm a menstrual cup user, have been for 7 months, and i'm emptying my cup just the same i think, despite the lack of an extra week to build up more tissue.

could it be just the stress of moving to a new country that's put my cycle out of kilter and should i expect it to return to normal or do you have any other ideas. i'm not worried, there are no other symptoms of anything else, i feel just as healthy as before, i'm just curious about the changes. cheers x
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