estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Colposcopy and bleeding

So I have a colpo scheduled mid-November. I'm flying there just for that, as I'm currently living abroad without a doctor here, so it's really important that I get it done on that day. Problem is, ever since I went on the blasted Cerazette pill, I've been spotting a lot. I get a light 'period' every few weeks, with odd days of spotting (brown blood) here and there. Everywhere I look, it says not to get it done if you're bleeding, but I really have no idea when I will or won't be bleeding, even if rescheduling were an easy option. I really have no way of knowing if I'll be on my 'period' or not weeks in advance. So what do I do? I should also mention, I want to come off Cerazette ASAP but I've been waiting to get the colpo done, as my GP kept assuring me that the bleeding would stop. I didn't want to risk having a full on natural period at the colpo appt, but it looks like I might have an issue anyway? This is absolutely maddening!
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