may_third (may_third) wrote in vaginapagina,

Inconvenient period timing

Hello all!
I posted last week about my period being late...well, I got it the next morning, so hurray!

Now though, I'm faced with the problem of being due for my next period/withdrawal bleed since I'll be going back on the pill, being over my Thanksgiving break. I'm going to be spending it with my fiance and I do not want to be bleeding again, as I was last time we got to spend a big chunk of time together!

So here's the deal. Started my period last Wednesday, it was over by the end of the day yesterday (Sunday). I am armed with 2 packs of HBC, microgestin to be exact, which is all I have to last me until mid-December when I have to go get my yearly exam/talk with my doctor about how I like this pill, she'll renew my prescription, etc.

What would you do to try to avoid bleeding around November 20th? I feel like no matter what I do, some sort of bleeding will be happening.

I can either...
A, start my pills now and have my placebo week be over BEFORE I go for Thanksgiving break.
B, start my pills in a week or two, chances are that I will have ovulated already, trying to push the placebo week back until my week with my fiance is over.
C, start my pills the week before I leave.

It would be nice not to have to deal with bleeding over that week since my man is in the army and we're not married yet/I'm still in school in another state so we don't get that much time together. And I was bleeding last time we were together--which is ok as far as PIV sex goes but I really like oral sex and I really don't blame him for not being comfortable with having his tongue all up in my business when it's all bloody. I'm not comfortable with it either.

So VPers, what would you do if you were me?
Thanks in advance! :D
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