bleh (seberia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding? Discharge?

Last night my boyfriend and I fooled around but didn't have PIV intercourse. He used his finger to penetrate me. It didn't hurt at all and after I went to the bathroom and there was blood. My last period was on the 24th of September, and I run 29 day cycles. I put a tampon in (smallest size) and figured I would see where it went. Took out tampon next time I had to pee, there was a little blood, but not much. Not enough to warrant another tampon. Later that night I had a fever of 99.0 degrees. Normally I am between 97.5 and 98.3. It was gone about an hour later.

Today there is a caramel colored discharge. It's like my normal discharge in that it isn't any thicker or smells different or anything, it's just caramel colored instead of the normal whitest creamy color.

My body doesn't feel different. I have been having a bad headache but I have been chalking that up to a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve in my neck. What could this mean? Should I be nervous?
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