Tobi (wolfden) wrote in vaginapagina,

urinary tract infections

I was seen at the minute clinic this afternoon for UTI symptoms. It started last night and I was unsure if it was uti or just some irritation. By early this afternoon I made the call to go to the minute clinic and I tested positive for a UTI (blood and bacteria showed up on the dip). She gave me a prescription for macrobid and sent me on my way. While I was picking up my prescription, I grabbed some uracalm which is the same active ingrediant as Azo. When we got home I ate and took both the macrobid and the uracalm. In the time between seeing the minute clinic and filling my prescription I started feeling worse. Now I have red blood in my urine (distinctive not just color change from the uracalm stuff). I'm a little freaked out. My husband says I should give my antibiotics a chance to work. I don't have flank pain, fever, chills or vomiting. I do have a wicked headache that I think is from the macrobid. Do you think it's okay to wait to call the urologist until morning as long as I don't develop other symptoms of a kidney infection since I've already been seen and started antibiotics.?

I did read the other posts about UTIs and the top 20 questions info. I didn't see anything about symptoms worsening post doctor visit. I apologize if I missed it. I'm just a bit freaked out.
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