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Another butt post: Colonoscopy questions numero dos. How to ask a doctor.

Sorry for another post but...
I am terrified to do the GoLytely prep tomorrow.  I have really, really, really bad anxiety and emetophobia (fear of throwing up) and have read too many stories to follow through with this prep. I have heard awesome reviews of the Miralax/Dulcolax prep, and want to do that instead. My procedure is Tuesday, and I'm going to be starting the GoLytely at noon. I am going to call the doctor at 8 am when they open and ask if I can do the Mira/Dulcolax prep instead, but am fearful of rejection.
I'm not good at battling with doctors, but this is something I'm not ready for, but I need the colonoscopy so bad that I need to do it. I just need to avoid this drink at all costs because I've been extremely anxious all day and in tears for a week.
Can anyone offer advice as to how to approach my doctor about this issue? Before I had heard of it, I called the dr and talked to a nurse about the Visicol (?) prep, but she said it's too expensive and Golytely is much cheaper and still effective. But after learning about the other prep, I'd rather do that.
Also, should I call the place that's actually doing my procedure or the doctor that recommended it in the first place?
Any kind words/advice is very appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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