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Colposcopy, pimples and condyloma questions

First things first: I saw a doc a couple weeks ago about my possible lichen sclerosis. She said she was pretty sure that was it, gave me prescriptions for Ratio-Clobetasol and Canesten. Just this week I began halving my dose to just once a day at night, and during the day I use Gardener's Dream Cream because of the tea tree in it, which someone on my previous post said could be beneficial. Well. Within the first two weeks of my treatment the lichen seemed to inch back, and now I don't think it's visible anymore. Might be wrong.

Two weeks after I began my treatment (ergo the symptoms had all but disappeared, thank you baby Jesus) I went and saw my gynecologist and pointed out where my lichen used to be (thigh inseams). There was still something there, something that just wouldn't go away. I'm beating myself up about this because I've had warts before (just not down there) but he said "condyloma". Huh? I've never had sex! Except I used to sit on public toilets. Yeah. Not brilliant. I've stopped since. But I still can't understand how I could get condyloma on my thigh inseams. It's not like that area touches the seat? Anyway. Like I said, I've stopped.

I've got a colposcopy scheduled for the morning of December 23rd *groans* How absolutely wonderful, just before Christmas. Question #1: does it hurt?

Question #2 and hopefully unrelated: I've had pimple-like nodules inside my labia major for years. They don't actually touch the labia minor or even go inside my vagina and they haven't progressed at all since I started noticing them long ago. Now, I'm prone to pretty agressive acne, so they look familiar, except I can't pop them. Is it a normal texture for such a moist area? I used to shave my pubis and labia but I don't really see ingrown hairs.

Question #3: Condyloma. I've read very different things about this. My gyno says he'll just give me pills and it'll disappear. I asked if it'd be gone forever but he wouldn't give a straight answer. I think he was talking about "if you have unprotected sex and he's got it, you might get it again" but I can't be sure. Please, answers?
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