aufjedenfall (aufjedenfall) wrote in vaginapagina,

An exceptionally paranoid question about pregnancy risk.

I am not on any form of HBC. My boyfriend and I use condoms religiously for contraception (we're both STD-free).

Last night, we took an intimate bath and he ejaculated into my mouth. I am certain I swallowed ALMOST all the ejaculate but some may have been loose in the water.

I was on day four of my cycle (still bleeding, tampon in place) last night. I typically ovulate on day 13.

So these sperm would have to be MAGICAL, basically, to swim a foot through warm bathwater, find me, find my vagina, swim up my vagina, wiggle around the tampon, and then live for eight or nine days before the egg would even show up to the party. I really don't feel it's necessary to take Plan B, but I just wanted to see if others share my feeling that the risk of pregnancy is basically non-existent, since there was no direct genital contact at any point.
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