obscurexgrey (obscurexgrey) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uterine fibroid testing. Worries, here.

My girlfriend is going to be tested for uterine fibroids, sometime soon.
We have some concerns about the whole thing, namely, in regards to her hymen and vaginal opening/passage.

She is incredibly small and tight.
Her fingers are very slender and small, and it takes a lot of work and prior preparation to get just one inserted comfortably.

I have not even been able to do this.
I couldn't bring myself to do it, out of fear of hurting her.

What are the odds of a transvaginal ultrasound being performed?
I know that pelvic exams and less invasive things can be done for this, but how likely is it that she will be penetrated by a larger object?

Neither of us want it to happen like this, for sentimental reasons and out of concern for her physical comfort.
However, if it has to, it has to, but we would like all routes around this, unless absolutely necessary.
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