lacygracy09 (lacygracy09) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection and cup use

So I am at the tail end of a yeast infection.  Basically I was able to pass the "finger test" (inserting a finger and having no yeasties come out), though I still have some minor itching on my labia area.  The itching is nothing horrible, not even something I need to scratch, just noticeable.  I'm due for my period today or tomorrow and was wondering what you fine people would suggest about cup use?  I really hate the idea of wearing a disposable pad (so uncomfortable!!). 

The only medication I'm using down there currently is Monistat external vulvar cream twice a day.  On monday I did a 1 day monistat ovule thing, and then used acidophilus the next few days.  I haven't used anything except for the external vulvar cream for 2 days now.  So do you think I'm safe to use a cup? or should I suck it up and use a pad for a day or so to let me period really clean things out then use my cup?
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