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//Dreaming lightly on your own//

leg pain?


25, I've been on ortho tri-cyclen since I was 18, I'm a smoker (between 1/4 - 1/2 pack daily, sometimes less) and I have anxiety, hence the post. (I guess I moreso need reassurance, even though I already called my mom and she tried to reassure me)

right now I have leg pain in my left leg. Its in the back of my calf, and sometimes feels like it goes down to my foot. Its sort of a throbb-y type of pain. (I guess it also is going up around to the front of my knee, like right now). Its not red, there doesn't appear to be any swelling. I have no shortness of breath, and I don't feel "unwell". I'm sure that the pain is just a twisted nerve or pulled muscle, but of course because I am on HBC and a smoker, plus with my anxiety, I immediately go "crap is this what a blood clot feels like????"

My grandma had a blood clot in her lung many years back, as a result of being on estrogen. Last month, I went to the doctor because I was having a weird pain in my back, radiating towards my ribs, and it would hurt if I took a deep breath. They did a chest x-ray and then I had a blood test to check for a risk of blood clots. It came back completely negative.

Again, I'm not having any problems breathing, and its just this weird pain in my leg, that really came up out of nowhere, I didn't seem to have any pain earlier today, and I was running errands all day, it seemed like it came up suddenly (but it could be that i've been sitting awkwardly on a chair with my laptop and my cat?) The only other thing I can think of is that I was doing some hula hooping today and was working a bit on leg/knee hooping, which is pretty much where the pain is, but the fact that the pain is also to my foot is kind of worrisome.

With my anxiety - basically I'm worried that of course i'm going to go to bed and just, die. of course.

So what do you think VPers? See how it feels in the morning to make an assessment? If I were to go anywhere now I'd have to go to the ER, and probably feel really stupid, as my mom already made me feel when I called her.
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