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Vaginal Contraceptive Film

I recently found out that I need to have heart surgery.  My doctor(s) have literally banned me from getting pregnant until after surgery, which is still about 6 months away.  Even then, if it will probably be another couple of months AFTER that until I'm physically ready/able to have sex again.  I'm on HBC (Apri), but the doctor is very strongly suggesting that my boyfriend and I also use a barrier method to ensure that I don't get pregnant.  We've tried condoms, but they have left both of us frustrated and unsatisfied. 

Our original plan was just to wait it out, but we're also both open to trying other options if it means we can have some semblance of normalcy amidst the ridiculousness this whole situation has created.

A friend recommended that I try a vaginal contraceptive film, but it's something I've never even heard of until she brought it up.  Does anyone have any experiences with it? I like that it would allow us to be pretty spontaneous, but does it have a taste/odor? Can my boyfriend orally or manually please me AFTER I've inserted it, or should I only be using it before insertion?  Are there side effects (burning, irritation, etc)?

Any information you can offer is greatly appreciated!

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