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How to deal with heavy discharge?

Here's my story. Ever since my periods started happening, my discharge has gotten heavy. I used to wear a light pad everyday, but I've recently gotten sick of it because it's so wasteful/expensive to have to buy those things all the time. Also, I was on Jolessa (Seasonique generic) for about six months, and that made my discharge totally light. I stayed on Jolessa probably only for that reason despite the crazy mood problems it gave me. Only after I had a major panic attack did I call it quits.

So now I'm back to square one: heavy discharge. It's enough that at some points during the day, I really feel wet down there. Sometimes I'll think my period is even starting, when really it was just discharge. It's not chunky or especially colorful, just white to yellowish depending on the day of the month. The smell isn't really bad either. Smells are hard to describe, but I would say it's like a musky version of my body odor. It's not especially strong, but I think just because there's so much of it that comes out, that makes it easier to smell. Sometimes I can smell it if I'm just sitting with my legs spread at the right angle. I'm not sure how far it travels, haha, because you can't exactly bring that up in most conversations... so I usually just close my legs.

I don't like living like this though. It makes me self-conscious. I mean, I should be entitled to sit with my legs spread a little, right? I personally don't mind the smell of me, but I just worry about what others think. Especially about what others of the opposite sex think. Yes, I have tried the cotton panties and airing out the area plenty. I'm a lifeguard, so most of the time I'm wearing shorts anyways. That doesn't make a difference for me.

So, how do you other ladies with heavy discharge deal? Does buying a special vagina soap and deodorant actually help at all? I'm not the kind of girl to have twenty million kinds of body products, but if there's something out there that will work, I'm willing to invest.

I apologize in advance if this has already been asked in some archive/memory. Just link me to there and tell me to get a brain. XP
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