iceblue_dragon (iceblue_dragon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is my vagina normal? Describe yours, please!

Lately, I've been seriously curious about the whole g-spot thing, so I started to really pay close attention to the inside of my vagina--textures, sensations, differences in arousal, etc.

The thing is, the usual directions for the g-spot make no sense to me at all. They describe it as a patch of spongy tissue that appears when aroused about 2 inches in, on the front wall. Otherwise, all the walls are said to feel the same. Is this correct?

My vagina is nothing like that. Regardless of weather or not I am aroused, I feel a patch of spongy tissue that is quite prominent on the front wall beginning immediately at the entrance and extending about 2.5 inches in. After that, the top wall is still puffier than the others but smooth like the rest. The other walls all feel the same to me, relatively smooth and thin feeling.

I feel intense physical sensation when the top spongy part of the vagina is stimulated, and can orgasm from it (and do regularly). I believe I have even ejaculated while stimulating it (though I held it back out of fear of urinating), which leads me to believe it is indeed the 'gspot'. How come I never hear about g-spots like mine? The usual way they describe stimulating it ('come hither' motion), feels like it misses the best part, and find a lot more enjoyment with a tapping or rubbing motion.

When aroused, it feels like my entire vagina swells, and sometimes this even causes penetration to hurt somewhat (but in a strangely enjoyable way). Even the insertion of a finger feels amazing, and larger objects can be out of this world.

Is this normal? I feel like maybe something is not right with me! Am I just really clueless? I never even thought anything of the top part being so different and just assumed everyone was that way, until now. Am I ignorant?

How would you describe the nature of your vagina and gspot? I loved the everyday bodies project, and thought it would be cool to know what it's like in the areas we can't see! I'd love to hear as many perspectives as possible! :)
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