littlemonster5 (littlemonster5) wrote in vaginapagina,

HIV testing at 5 weeks and retesting

I was tested for HIV about three weeks ago (approximately five weeks after my last sexual encounter). The test result came back negative.

I wasn't really concerned about anything until last night, when a girl I know said that she was suspicious that the last guy I had slept with (who she knows) is now injecting heroin. I don't know if this is 100% true, because he and I are no longer on speaking terms. This makes me a little uncomfortable, and so I want to get tested again for reliability. Even though I only slept with him twice and I know the transmission possibility is low, I was just wondering what the reliability is of a test at 5 weeks after possible exposure? Evidently, I am not sure how trustworthy the guy is anymore, so I'm just looking for some insight here.

Thanks everybody.
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