thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yaz/Yasmin updates?

Hello lovely Superstars!

I haven't heard anything about the Yaz/Yasmin controversy in a while. My doctor decided to take me off of Yaz when the lawsuits started. Even though she's not entirely convinced there's a problem, she figures that there are so many other HBC options out there so why risk it? I have a lot of friends still on it and so I know that I could switch doctors and get it back, but I really want to talk to my doctor about it again. It might be prudent to see what the most recent thoughts are.

The reason I loved it so much was for my skin. Since coming off of Yaz, my skin has had a constant deluge of acne. I've since been on Loestrin (which wasn't too bad), Alesse (which terrorized my skin) and now on Ortho Try-cyclen Lo (which is better than Alesse but still really bad). I'd like my clear skin back!

So any recent news to bring my doctor?
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