kathy182 (kathy182) wrote in vaginapagina,

First my vagina now my ass!

 Okay I'm getting a little pissed off at my nether regions right now! So yesterday I posted about my vaginal problems, I think things are getting better down there, no more burning, just a little uncomfortable. I looked again this morning with my mirror and it seems to just be a little raw so that was probably the cause of all the pain,

Now this morning as I was showering I bent down and it felt like my asscrack was being ripped open! Took the mirror to the back region and it looks like a paper cut straight down the crack of my butt! it hurts every time I bend down!

I don't have any polisporin but do you thinking using something like Seudocrem or Zincofax (diaper creams) would be helpful in this situation? and does anybody have any ideas how the hell this happened?! 

damn body! I treat you like a temple and this is how you pay me back! :(
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