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Budpak pregnancy test accuracy?

So I'm a day late for a period (generally have a 28 day cycle). I'm not having any of the pregnancy symptoms I had when I was pregnant aside from the saliva and gas which went away. I had to go to a dollar store to get the test since I am broke.

I went to the dollar tree but couldn't find any tests! I wouldve asked someone but here I am walkin with my baby in the stroller and there were lots of people in the store. I was just embarrassed I guess.

I left disapointed but saw another dollar store in the same plaza so I walked over there. It was called $ Depot. Definitely smaller and kinda crappy when I walked in but no one was there. I couldn't find a test there either and I was about to walk out and the woman at the counter asked what I was looking for-i told her pregnancy test and she showed me where they were. I bought 2.

They were by Budpak. It was negative. How accurate do u think Budpak brand is? I made sure to take it when my pee was ideal (according to not when you just drank something). I'm pretty convinced I'm not pregnant but not completely sure about the accuracy of this brand.

I'm going to take another one tomorrow and keep taking them (until God willing my period will come). Also why am I having moments during the day where I feel like I'm getting it and then it completely goes away?

I purposely didn't exercise last night because I felt like I was going to get it. Morning came and nothing. Do you think the test was accurate?
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