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possible latex allergy?

Let me just preface this with saying I'm not a fan of condoms to start with, but that really only means that I don't have much experience with them to judge my situation by.

So I have a new FWB (hoping it may turn into more, but that's another story) and we had sex last week and he insisted on using a condom. This is only the third or fourth time in my sexual life that I've used one - I was in a monogamous relationship for almost nine years and on birth control and then the ONS I had I insisted on no condom because I was on BC and I despise the feeling (irresponsible, I know).

Since last Weds though, I've been super irritated and itchy, but no odd smells or taste. A little bit of inflammation and redness though. Could this be an allergy to latex? Would I still be having symptoms this long after?

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