allysonrigby (allysonrigby) wrote in vaginapagina,

Planned Parenthood Condoms- Effective?

So me and my long term boyfriend have to decided to give occasionally using condoms in our sex life another go. (We ordinarily use withdrawal, and it works great for us)
We tried this one brand that this great thrift store we go to gives out free, and they were okay. (He isn't circumsised though so there's sometimes an issue with condoms not moving around, any advice on that?) I was thinking of checking out Planned Parenthood because I know they give out condoms for free but I just googled them to see what brand they carry. It seems they carry their own brand and there also seems to be an issue with their effectiveness?
Can anyone give me personal experience with their condoms? Are they effective, comfortable for the guy, etc? Any personal experience would be great, thanks!
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