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How to find a new gyno?

 Yo, peeps.... 

Long story short, I need to find a new gyno, but... I don't know how to do that. The one I currently see is one that my GP referred me to, but I would prefer to see someone different. I was seeing my university health clinic's (awesome to the max!) gyno for a bit, but, having graduated and moved away, that's not an option anymore. I don't feel comfortable asking the GP for a referral to someone else. She and the current gyno are really close friends and I don't want to have to explain, "Yeah, I find your best friend to be a judgmental *&^% with a terrible bedside manner..."  XP I've never had to actually go out and find a doctor before - when I find one my insurance covers, do I just call and ask if they're accepting new patients?

Also, are there any web resources out there to see which docs are good? I'm trying to find someone who's good at dealing with patients who have trouble with pelvic exams, and who won't judge a nulliparous unmarried woman for having an IUD. I *need* exams for various reasons, but have a lot of trouble handling them, so I need someone who's understanding about that. I checked VP's directory, but there aren't any listed there from my area. :( 

And last but not least, maybe a weird question... once I *find* a doc and get an exam scheduled (*crosses fingers for that!*), will they allow someone else to be in the room with me while they do an examination? Pelvic exams are really difficult for me; I'd feel a lot better if I had my boyfriend in there for support.

EDIT: I just wanted to say thanks to all you lovely helpful people! After some quality time with my insurance website and a *lot* of googling, I was able to come up with a "short list" of promising-looking docs, and I'm gonna start calling around to them. Thanks again! :)
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