damnedemily (damnedemily) wrote in vaginapagina,

girl on girl safe sex; clinics in Montreal

My partner and I just opened up our relationship (yay!). I've only been in long-term monogamous relationships where I haven't been thinking maybe as much as I really should have been about STIs. Now that we're in an open relationship, our most important rule is doing our best to stay STI-free so we can continue to enjoy barrier-free sex with each other without worrying.
So I have a few questions.

First things first, I'm pretty sure I don't have any STIs but I'm not sure and so I want to get tested. Plus I'm super-overdue for a pap test. I have no clue where to go for this sort of thing, but someone here must be from Montreal, QC, Canada and know where I need to go.

Second, I know the drill with safe sex with male-bodied people and in any case I'm more interested in women, but I don't really know much about safe sex with female-bodied people. Gloves for fingering= necessary? How do you use dental dams? Where do you get them? I know some people use seran wrap- is this effective? Stuff like that. Answers to any of these questions or links to good resources would be appreciated!
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