kathy182 (kathy182) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ouch! Broken vagina!

 So last night I had sex with my boyfriend. It wasn't anything especially rough or anything but I guess it lasted longer than normal. I was wet the whole time and didn't feel any discomfort.

Today I'm pretty sure my vagina is swollen or something. This morning when I peed there was no burning but it fucking hurt when I wiped myself. Same thing when I went home. I looked a little closer with a mirror and when I opened my labia it's like there was a little blister or something inside, right before my vaginal opening.  I just peed again and it burned this time. Like almost unbearable! I've had a UTI once before and it was the same burning sensation but I'm wondering if it's only burning because of this blister type thing or if it's really a UTI.  Any info would help. The stores are closed so I can't go out and get cranberry juice/pills until tomorrow anyway :(

thanks everyone.
My Vagina

EDIT: I'm sitting on a chair and just sitting hurts, it's like my vagina is throbbing, I don' t know if that information is useful 
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