Fire Duke Esquire (uberpiratewench) wrote in vaginapagina,
Fire Duke Esquire

Ectopic Pregnancy? And also IUDs

OK..... so I've been working on getting an IUD and my doctor has told me prior to my first visit that one of the disqualifications for an IUD is having had a previous ectopic pregnancy....

Which I may have had but I'm not sure The story goes:

I had an "ooopsy" pregnancy a few years ago. I was ultrasounded at 6 weeks as prep for a termination and as nothing was seen, I was told to come back in three weeks. Two weeks later - week 8, I had a miscarriage and ended up in the ER since my GP was on vacation but strongly urged me to go over the phone just in case there were complications as I had simply called and reported heavy bleeding. In the ER, I was given three ultra sounds and there was, again, nothing to see in my uterus. I was finally sent home and told that "my baby" was fine.... they weren't terribly interested in me, understandably because there were some seriously pressing cases that I could SEE there.

I received a call the next morning at about 5am as the OB-GYN came on duty. She had reviewed my ultra-sounds and the reports of huge blood loss (confirmed by the nurses) and I came in again and was examined. She told me that my tests were abnormal and that I had a possible ectopic pregnancy, that I had probably miscarried the day before, as I had assumed and the ER doctors had missed. I went for blood tests for a few days to confirm that I had miscarried and was not carrying an invisible and dangerous ectopic pregnancy, which I wasn't.

Since this was not through my GP and at the time I just really wanted to stick my head in the sand and NOT be pregnant any more, I never got a full picture of what happened here. I don't know if I had a ectopic pregnancy which terminated happily early enough along to not cause problems or if it was just a side worry and it's never mattered until now!

Could anyone with more experience here shed some light on this? Is this worth mentioning to my new GYN? Does it matter for an IUD?
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