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That bizarre brown discharge

So I had sex with my boyfriend 2 Sundays back (Oct 2nd), and noticed a bit of spotting afterwards. The blood was fresh (i.e. bright red), so I figured it was probably a result of rough sex (we hadn't done it in a while due to our LDR).

The next day, the spotting continued, except it was a darker brown, and I was cool with that because I figured there might still be some residual bleeding. Cut till today (Oct 14th) - I'm still experiencing that brown discharge, and it's starting to piss me off.

More details: it's far from a constant flow. In fact, it seems to release itself tangibly twice a day, in quantities that are large enough to stain but nothing at all like a period - a lot of the time, when I wipe there's nothing. It feels, um, cold and mucousy like regular discharge, isn't malodorous and I'm not experiencing any other symptoms at all. In fact, it looks exactly like what I get on the last day of my period. Speaking of which; I'm roughly in the middle of my cycle at the moment, but we had sex about a week after my period had ended (my cycles are longer than most - approximately 35 days, or even more than that sometimes). I'm not on any BC.

I know I'll be told to see a doctor, but I'm not too worried because I went for my annual gynae appointment only about a month ago (with everything perfectly OK), and this has happened to me at least twice/thrice before, even when I was very young, around 12 (I'm 22 now), except there is now sex in the equation. I can't decide if there's a connection or not. I'd like to know if anyone's experienced something similar, though? Or whether anyone can hazard a guess as to why this is happening, whether it it's commonplace or might be a sign of something more serious?

Thanks very much for reading, I truly appreciate it. x
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