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Off the pill periods

Hello VP!

So, my fiance is in the army and I'm still in school in another state, so we don't see each other very much. The last time we saw each other was over a week in September, the 4th through the 12th to be exact. I have been on and off the pill for years and every once in a while I like to have a good break from them to let myself have a real cycle. I had my withdrawal bleed the same week I was visiting my fiance, from around the 6th of September to the 12th. I was still on my active pills when I had this bleed, but I chalked it up to having started that pack of pills mid-cycle and so I didn't think anything of it. I took all 21 pills as directed, one a day every day at the same time. (I think it might have actually prolonged my bleeding but that's beside the point.)

So I left on the 12th which was a Sunday, 2 days into placebo pills. We had sex that day, and he finished inside me. I still had a bit of spotting on Sunday and Monday. The pack was finished on Friday but it was only the placebos like I said before. I know sperm can survive for up to three days inside the vagina, but I wasn't worried because I know I'm protected during the placebo week as long as I've taken the 21 active pills, and so had 5 full days of the placebo week left the last time we had sex.

It's been a month today and I haven't had a off-the-pill period yet. I have felt kind of pissy and off this past week which I thought might be PMS, and have had some twinges of pain in my lower abdomen, trouble sleeping, oily skin, and craving a lot of salt and chocolate--all normal PMS symptoms for me...And my discharge seems to be the consistency one would typically expect nearing the end of one's cycle, thick, creamy white...

Is this normal? My gut is saying it is, I'm pretty well read on this subject, but if I was pregnant right now I would be beside myself. I know many women get pregnant while "on the pill" because they don't start their next pack on time, but I thought I would be ok since the last time we had sex was on a Sunday and my placebo week ended 5 days after that and all the semen would have died.

I am kind of starting to worry...any advice? Personal anecdotes? Thanks in advance!
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