blank (labellevies) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovulation/fertility question!

Hey, everyone!  I apologize if this question is a bit confusing, I'll try and articulate it the best I can.

The man and I are trying to become pregnant for the first time.  My period has been a bit sporadic lately, as I stopped taking the pill about 4 months ago now in preparation.  After stopping the pill, my period was a bit wonky, as expected.  Spotty, not on time...kind of made its own new schedule.  In September, it came and actually stayed for a solid 4-5 days, which was my usual length.  In October, it came in during the first week of the month after a 23 day gap and was a normal period again.  Now, here's my question...

There was a 23 day gap between periods this time.  Should I take the 23 days into consideration when calculating when I'm most fertile, or should I still stick with 28 days, which is the usual time in-between my periods, when calculating?  Can it vary month to month like that, just depending on when Flow comes that month?  I ask because if I should calculate using 23 days, I was fertile this past weekend.  If I use 28 days, it's coming up.

Thank you very much in advance!
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