heraut (heraut) wrote in vaginapagina,


Okay, this is yet another "OMG am I pregnant" post, but I'm feeling really scared right now.

I'm on the Pill. My boyfriend and I usually have unprotected sex but put on a condom before he comes, just to be sure. He almost never comes inside me. This weekend, we decided to try it out and had sex 5 times completely unprotected. I haven't missed a single pill, though I've taken them a few hours late here and there, up to 4/5 hours late at most, I think... I'm beginning the second week of my pill.

Now usually I wouldn't  be so worried, but today I found that little glob of mucus that I never get unless I'm off the pill and having regular periods. I've heard this is associated with ovulating and usually get it around the third week of my cycle. DID I OVULATE? This has NEVER happened to me before, even when I've missed pills.

We first had sex Friday night. What are my options? Can I take Plan B? Is there anything else I can do? Please help.
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