Lauren (irishjewel413) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hormones after pregnancy?

Well still haven't got my period yet, although I'm not supposed to get it till Wednesday. I feel a bit more at ease now because I haven't noticed any pregnancy symptoms and the ones I felt I had have gone away for the most part.

I'm just still nervous because I'm not having the cramps I always get days before my period so now I'm still like uh oh, should I still take a test? My plan is to take one by Friday if its not here by then.

As I wrote before I've been exercising faithfully every night which I wasn't really doing before. Also now I'm looking back at my periods since after Faith was born. I only knew how long my cycle was from the last period because the one before that started randomly a little while after the general post partum bleeding, so I can only base my length on the last cycle.
Perhaps my hormones aren't still in check yet? Again it was 3 months exactly since I was pregnant. I also forgot to mention I have a thyroid problem and just started on a medicine for it 1 month ago, so perhaps another reason?

My partner said I'm being a hypochondriac, and maybe I am, but I'm just so nervous and stressed. Just wanted to update and give some other info with reasons why maybe I'm not PMSing? What do you think?

And to the previously pregnant women here, how long did it take for you to get your period? Were your cycles (which are usually normal) more random and longer or shorter cycles? How long before they went back to normal? Weeks, months? Opinions appreciated, TiA! Sorry again for the freak out post..
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