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2 questions about BC and unwanted pregnancy

Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions:

1. Do women ovulate while on birth control? I usually go on yourdays.com (I think it is) and figure out when I ovulate and those few days to a week, we use a condom on top of my regular BC (which I take everyday at exactly the same time of day.)
Then it dawned on me, maybe I don't even ovulate while on BC and I am taking extra precautions for no reason.

2. Also, while taking BC, do I need to use a condom on the first or 2nd day of the placebo pill? I am confused because I technically am not taking the pill (for that week) but I also haven't gotten my period yet. I know women supposedly can't get pregnant during their period but there are those couple days when say I start the placebo pill on Sunday but I know I don't get my period until Wednesday. Do I need to use a condom on from Sunday-Tuesday right before I get my period?

These are questions I came up with months after I went to the gyno the first time and didn't even know what to ask at that point because it was too new to me.

Thanks!! :)

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