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So for the past few days my vulva has been swollen sore and itchy. The part below the labia right below the vaginal opening above the perineum is protruding, red and sore. There is a bump on my outer labia but it hasn't blistered or multiplied, seems more shaving related. Inside I feel some roughness on the vaginal wall, like there are more little ridges than normal. When I look in the mirror it looks like the inside of my vagina is torn up, like what was left of my hymen was shredded. No unusual smell or discharge. No other symptoms really. It doesn't hurt to pee either.

I had condomless sex on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, rather long rough sessions. I'm hoping this is just a result of the roughness but why hasn't it gone away yet and what is the itching? I gave oral sex as well and nothing's happened to my mouth. Clothing irritate it and I find that going bottomless seems to stop it from bothering me as much. I haven't put anything on the area in case I'm allergic to my soap or anything, but I have applied aloe to the areas which have gotten raw and sore from scratching.

I've been looking up STIs but nothing seems to fit well enough. I'm going to make a PP appointment, do I just ask for an exam/consultation or should I book an STD test?

Thanks everyone!
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