writevoice (writevoice) wrote in vaginapagina,

Diva Cup

Hi All,

I recently acquired a Diva Cup and I find it uncomfortable to insert. I assume this may have something to do with not being sexually active at the moment so I'm tighter as it's hard for me to get it past the vaginal opening in the first place. I tried inserting it a couple of days before my period and it left me feeling kind of gross, like I'd been cramping (although I think that may have more to do with taking it out). So, any tips on putting it in or taking it out? I don't find the instructions all that helpful. And I already have the smaller size so that isn't the problem. It's probably just lack of practice, but I can't experiment that often if it's going to leave me feeling bad so I appreciate any help.

I love the idea of them since they are environmentally friendly and more economic in the long run if I can get them to work so I'm hoping I don't have to give up on it.
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