Loki (djwasasleep) wrote in vaginapagina,

update. ^.^

I was the girl with that forever long untreated uti, and the terrible moron of a doctor.

And I went to the doctors earlier today, this doctor was so much more understanding. She actually sat down and listened to me.

It turns out I have HPV, the precancerous kind. I don't know if it's all that serious yet, but I did get the HPV shot that hurt like heck!

I went in with my little paper like one of the girls said here and This doctor is giving me the blood and urine test that I so desperately need! She is asking me to fast to get the blood and urine work done. Does anyone know she would ask me to fast? I'm going to start the fast on Sunday night so I can do it Monday morning before school! She is asking for my urine to be cultured and a lot of other tests because, unlike my original doctor, she actually thought there could be something wrong with me.

Thank you all to the people who gave me advice on this whole thing! I love you guys!
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