Lauren (irishjewel413) wrote in vaginapagina,

Withdrawal method used, just had a baby!

Ok so now I'm freaking the hell out and I need someone to talk to now! I've had sex a couple times since I was pregnant 3 months ago but I've gotten periods normal already. We used the withdrawal method each time. We last had sex on one of my fertile days also using the withdrawal method.

I've been feeling fine since then, but yesterday started having increased saliva which I had when I was pregnant. I just looked up some info related to my situation and several sources say you can definitely get pregnant because you are more fertile right after giving birth.

I'm sooo scared right now. The guy I had sex with says he didn't cum in me when we did it, and the other times before he didn't and it was also weeks after I gave birth. Part of me thinks I'm overreacting and another part wants to smack myself for using the withdrawal method.

I can't take a test till late next week and so far only symptom is the saliva. We had sex last Saturday (a week ago) so I doubt symptoms would start this early anyway. Please offer advice, answers, I'm sooo scared!
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