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im scared, why is this happening?

So ok I'm kinda in panic mode since yesterday. I had rough sex on day 17 of my cycle. It was really bad. But this isn't what I'm concerned about. He pulled out each time we had sex that night (twice) and I didn't feel like I got any cum in me-it usually drips out when he has cum in me in the past. I feel fine, nothing unusual except for one thing.

I'm having very excessive saliva and I don't know why. I was drinking the night before, and oddly woke up as if I was having an allergic reaction to something (I'm allergic to cats but I was at my sisters and she has no cats). It was so weird waking up like that. Anyway, once I got home it started going away (as if I left a house with a cat). Now hours later I have excess saliva through the night and I still have it now.

I freaked because the last time I had this I was pregnant. I had my baby 3 months ago but my periods seem typical with no symptoms such as this. I've googled like crazy and it says there's a lot of reasons why it can happen but I don't understand why any of this has suddenly occured. I've been drinking tons of coffee lately. But basically I'm here to ask what your opinion is. (I'm hoping my question is relevant here since it is a freak out pregnant question).

Please help! I've had no other symptoms and not due for period till next Wednesday/Thurs. TIA!
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