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PSA: Pingbacks/Cross-posting

Hello, VPers!

We have a brief update for you all regarding cross-posting of comments and pingbacks, and how these changes impact VP.

LiveJournal has changed its policy regarding cross-posting of comments to Facebook and Twitter, per this recent news post. Previously, Cyrillic users were still able to cross-post comments made on protected entries, but that has been changed, and now no users are able to cross-post comments from protected entries.

It's still possible to cross-post comments made on VP entries that are public, though, and we'd ask that you consider VP's safe space policies before doing so. While it's not possible for us to keep track of what people are doing outside of LiveJournal, we do expect that VPers will be their usual wonderful selves and not intentionally share personal information about others' on their Facebook or Twitter feeds. (If you want to review your settings so that you don't accidentally cross-post comments, you can go here.)

Pingbacks are a fairly new LJ feature that may or may not impact VP. The concern (based on research done by Dreamwidth user helens78) is that the pingback feature may end up providing snippets of content from protected entries to non-authorized readers. So far this hasn't been an issue for VP, and probably won't be -- while we do have many protected posts, we also have open membership, so a person need only join the community in order to read protected entries. We're fairly confident that this is more of an issue for personal journals, but we will definitely keep you posted as we get more information.

For the VP Team
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