jbyrdski (jbyrdski) wrote in vaginapagina,

Frustrating attitudes in an online course


I'm taking an online course right now, and we post to a discussion forum similar to a livejournal community.

Right now, there's a discussion going on that is not at all sex-positive or empowering. I am so used to vaginapagina that I forget sometimes how negative some people can be.

I'm mostly just ranting, but I'm also curious: if you were in a class like this, how would you respond to problematic posts? Part of me wants to jump in with clarifications, but another part of me thinks that would just prolong the negative discussion, and possibly start trouble. Maybe I should just post to the teacher and ask her to step in, but I'm pretty sure she won't have a problem with the conversation as is. So...what would you do?

EDIT: And...the teacher just joined in conversation. This is what she said:

"Jersey Shore" is a horrible show for teens. It glamorizes sex and alcohol abuse. Chlamydia can scar a young ladies fallopian tubes beyond repair and leave her sterile. It is one of the most common STDs out there.

Am I being too dramatic by getting upset about this? It's not false, exactly, but talk about scaremongering! And this from the teacher... I'm not really sure what to say this time. GRRRR
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