jbyrdski (jbyrdski) wrote in vaginapagina,

Confused about how *exactly* birth control works

Hello! I can't seem to wrap my head around this, hoping someone could help me out.

I know that the combined pill generally prevents ovulation. What I don't understand is, how? My current understanding of the hormones involved with ovulation is that an estrogen surge, produced when a follicle has matured, causes an LH surge that triggers ovulation. So...I would think that administering estrogen would cause ovulation, not prevent it. I know there's a flaw in my logic somewhere (or maybe I'm just understanding the cause/effect stuff incorrectly.) Any insights?

(I think I'm pretty clear on the effects progesterone have. I assume since people still ovulate on the mini pill, though, that progesterone isn't really involved in stopping ovulation. Is this correct?)

Just curious. :-)

EDIT: Thanks for all the sources! I'm still confused about why an estrogen surge precedes the LH surge that triggers ovulation, when it's pretty clear that the action of estrogen is usually to lower/prevent LH production....but I guess that's more a question of how the hormonal cycle works naturally (and a picky one at that...I'm an anatomy student at heart!!) -- I understand the mechanism of combined HBC pills now :-)
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